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Most of the time, Gagosian has a different exhibition showing at each one of his many galleries. So it's wildly surprising that next month, he has a retrospective of Damien Hirst's 'Spot Paintings' at all 11 of his international galleries. Coincidentally, The Tate Modern in London has finally decided to do a retrospective on Hirst, as well. This opens in April 2012.

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You probably recall Hirst's diamond-encrusted skull from 4 years ago that cost him 14 million in (ethically sourced) diamonds to produce. Titled, "For the Love of God" supposedly because his mother asked him, "For the love of god, what are you going to do next?", the skull sold for $100 million to a private investment group (which later turned out to include Hirst).

As the priciest piece of contemporary art ever made, opinions clash. Some consider it a work of genius for taking the heavy theme of death and laughing loudly in it's face. And the blood diamond situation in Africa clearly enhances this theme. Others view it as tacky, a symbol of an art world obsessed with excess and drunk with money.
What do you think?

Now, prepare for another Hirst spectacle with a world-wide display of about 300 spot paintings (5 of which he painted himself) available this January through February. Galleries filled with nothing but spot canvases?! Hmmm...

Hirst says that although the spots seem like happy paintings, they actually carry an underlying layer of uneasiness:

"You lose your boundaries because they are hard to focus on. Do you focus on the grid or the individual spots or the painting as a whole? Once you start really looking, you get lost.
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