Los Angeles-based artist Glenn Kaino is scheduled to make some waves next week with his 'Art Public' exhibit in Miami Beach for Basel. Kaino's piece is titled: Levitating the Fair (The Flying Merchant Ship)

Kaino intends to engage hundreds of volunteers to help lift a 20 x 20 feet sculptural platform for the entire duration of Art Basel. Volunteers will be asked to keep the platform levitated for as long as they can stand to, and then to simultaneously seek the help of other willing participants!
click on image for link to his speech at the World Fair

Kaino's platform reflects iconic images of the 1939 New York World's Fair. The Fair was a showcase of American mid-century technology and science.

On opening day Albert Einstein gave a speech that began “If science, like art, is to perform its mission totally and fully, its achievements must enter not only superficially but with their inner meaning: into the consciousness of people”.
Check out the speech on vimeo by clicking Einstein's photo

Artist Glenn Kaino, image via Artnet.com
Seems like Kaino shares this understanding of the intersection between art and science as he has juggled both art and technology for years. Co-founder and President of a publishing website for visual artists for many years called Uber.com and now Senior Vice President at OWN Creative, Kaino has always been highly involved in technology.

His installation is scheduled to run outdoors in public view from Dec. 1 to Dec. 4. It will stand alongside 24 other works curated by LACMA's very own Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, Christine Y. Kim. Check out the Art Public Catalogue, which includes a sculpture by Damien Hirst at: http://www.artbaselmiamibeach.com/go/id/eof/

With this collective action project, Kaino proposes to rekindle our belief in the value of art and artists in today's culture. The Art Public flyer says "Kaino’s project tests our physical investment and personal commitment to the realization of creative moments." I'm excited to be a part of this unprecedented, momentous action next week.
postcard of the 1939 New York World Fair
Check out the gallery of some pictures of the platform under construction, you can already see the similarities it has to the above postcard of the 1939 New York World Fair.