Los Angeles based artist Kenneth Price, known for his glazed ceramic sculptures which transformed the craft into an art, died of cancer last Friday at the age off 77. Some of Price's works are up in Santa Monica through March 3 at the Kayne Griffith Corcoran Gallery. They are oozing, drooping, and folding over themselves with fitting titles such as "Snot", "Surf" and "Scrotum". The ceramics were sanded to expose metallic and other colors beneath the surface which play beautifully with light.

Here are some pictures of the gorgeous ceramics.
Price has some watercolors up in the gallery, as well. Some are on loan and some are available for sale. They all make great use of color which I love and have a cartoonish pornographic quality to them, too.

"Don't Think About Her While You're Trying To Drive"

LACMA has been planning a career-retrospective of Price's works which is set to open in the Fall.
I recommend checking it out because his works are better in person.
Until then, you can check him out at:

Kayne Griffith Corcoran
2902 Nebraska Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90404