_Matthew Mark's first gallery on the West Coast is opening tomorrow night, on January 19. Located in Los Angeles, on Orange Grove Avenue, the building itself, as Mr. Marks told the Times, "is a work of art".

Peter Zellner of Culver CIty firm Zelnnerplus designed the square, white, stucco, building, while the entire facade of the space has been graced by a monumental sculpture by none other than minimalist artist, Ellsworth Kelly. A black stripe, 8 x 40 feet, is almost 30 feet off the ground and ten inches out from the face of the building. Although Kelly often draws from shapes and colors found in architecture and shadow, this is the first piece of his to incorporate a building’s architecture into his personal work.
image via matthewmarks.com
_Marks formerly collaborated with Kelly back in the early 90's, when Mark's opened his first Chelsea gallery with a show of Kelly's works. The Los Angeles opening will be no different, with an Ellsworth Kelly exhibit of his latest works scheduled from January 19 to April 7. Fittingly, the exhibit will also feature two pivotal, early works by the artist which relate to, if not inspired, the sculptural installation on the front of the gallery.

Black Over White, a 1966 painting made in New York City.
image via nytimes.com
_Matthew Marks Gallery has shown an incredible roster of artists on the East Coast, including Andreas Gursky, Nan Goldin, Jasper Johns, and Willem de Kooning. I'm certain that the gallery will help to cement Los Angeles as a growing art destination, just as the Matthew Marks Gallery helped to catapult Chelsea's neighborhood in New York into the global art sphere.