Never mind that Thierry Guetta (Mr. Brainwash) fails as an artist. That he admits that his body of work consists mostly of scanning and photo shopping. All done by assistants. And don't let it bug you that the actual artistic process behind the images is carried out by hired graphic designers.

Pay no attention to the copyright infringement lawsuit Guetta lost against photographer Glen E. Friedman where Judge Dean Pregerson made the staggering determination that Guetta's Run DMC piece was not enough of an artistic adaption to be protected under the Fair Use Defense.

Don't let it bug you that Mr. Brainwash isn't going anywhere. He has a new, 80,000 sq. foot exhibit opening Thursday, Dec 22 on La Brea, south of Santa Monica, and it's bigger than ever. Of course, to keep the hype fresh and the crowds heavy he is going to take it down a week later and "destroy everything". Thank you for doing us the favor, Thierry.