American photojournalist Aaron Huey has collaborated with Shepard Fairey in his effort to raise awareness of the Lakota's issues on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The two artists have been mounting a mural on the Barracuda wall on Melrose in Los Angeles, coincidentally on this Thanksgiving weekend. 

The words "The Black Hills Are Not For Sale" appear on the wall along with Huey's black and white photographs and some classic Fairey designs in red and off-white. The Black Hills are sacred to the Lakota Indians and Huey's message is primarily a comment on the poverty they endure here in the United States. To find out more follow this link to the TED Talk titled "America's Native Prisoners of War". 

Here is some footage from earlier today and some close-up shots of the almost completed mural.
The images on the mural are Huey's photographs taken from his travels.