When you're in NYC, it can be difficult to decide where to go for a clean and delicious meal. Well, unless you've tried Jean-George's ABC Kitchen. It's the perfect place to slow down and enjoy natural, local and organic food in a serene setting. From hand-crafted artisan dinnerware and natural fiber table settings to wooden beams and candle glow, this kitchen is bringing it back to the A-B-C's of basics. With artful design and exquisite farm-to-table food, it's no wonder the James Beard Foundation awarded it the honor of  Best New Restaurant of 2011. 
image via abckitchennyc.com
Here is how the lovely meal began.
You guessed it, crab toast. With dill and aioli on a thick slab of toast, this was rich and creamy. A few good squirts of lemon really livens it up and highlights the freshness of the crab which is sweet and vibrant in it's own right..
The sweet shrimp with horseradish and olive oil was sweet and spicy. Served raw, these baby shrimp taste wet and have a sticky coating and firmness to them. This is a unique dish that is definitely worth trying if you enjoy trying new and interesting textures.
Pizza with proscuitto, dates and ricotta has a smokey flavor from the the small bits of proscuitto that enhanced the smooth creaminess of the cheese. The sweet dates and spicy greens brought an additional kick to the palette that made this thin crust, whole wheat pizza all the more delightful.
The farrow salad with cranberries, sweet potatoes and blue cheese was thick and creamy as risotto. All that full-bodied flavor and richness, without the gluten. These incredibly healthy grains are hearty and satisfying, and the tang of blue cheese made this silky salad even more luscious.
The grass-fed beef burger with pickled jalapenos was a triumphant choice, as most good burgers usually are. The beef was perfectly medium-rare and juicy, even though grass-fed has 1/2 the fat of corn-fed beef, less saturated fats and more omega 3s. This lean cut of tender beef was delicious and I didn't feel sluggish afterwards like I sometimes do after eating fattier cuts of grain fed steak. I had a full night ahead and was still in party mode.
Instead of fries I opted for the sea salt mashed potatoes. They were deliciously dreamy enough that I had to pinch myself to make sure I was awake. I wanted to dive inside that dish of perfectly pureed mash and lose myself in there forever.
The dark chocolate cake with layers of ganache and toasted marshmallow was fit for a goddess, just divine. I couldn't get enough of the chocolatey, fudgy ganache. The tiny chocolate pearls were airy and lightly crunchy and the whipped marshmallow was sweet and fluffy. And hey! They say dark chocolate is full of anti-oxidants that are good for your heart.

Next time you want to enjoy yourself and have a delicious dinner before going out NYC style, make a rezzie at ABC Kitchen. You can eat your heart out and not feel like you're dragging your feet around after. Sometimes being good to yourself in NYC is as easy as A-B-C.