Nancy Silverton and Amy Pressman's new gourmet burger shop on the corner of Fairfax and 3rd at the Farmer's Market is a dream come true for all of you bourgey-bohemian Angelenos.
I ordered Nancy's Backyard Burger, the short order spuds with truffle salt, and a coffee malt shake. The burger is made from a handmade blend of grass-fed beef and topped with thick cuts of bacon, French gruyere, avocado, tomato, onion, iceberg, and spicy mayo. Bold and delicious flavor.
The spuds are essentially a baked potato, broken into chunks and then flash fried. The result is flaky, crispy skins with warm and crumbly insides. Not sure why I've never seen those before, but I like them better than fries! And with a light dusting of truffle salt, you better rein it in and practice some modicum of self-restraint before you're too full for the shake! The coffee malt hits the spot and thanks to the big straw you won't waste any time slurpin it down.

Not only does 'Short Order' boast locally raised, organic, artisanal, handmade products, but it has a full bar equipped with dehydrated apple slices and candied ginger, too.  You know, the usual, insouciant ingredients that you can't imagine living without at midnight on a Friday. But for real, the menu and the restaurant are distinctively awesome.

The waiters wear striped henleys, the patio is surrounded by lavender and wild flowers, and upstairs the bartender, with his ponytail, mustache and vest, spices up your drink with szechuan pepper corn syrup and rose water. The space is new, but feels vintage, reminiscent of a time when things were built to last and food came off the farm.

If you 're feeling inspired by the farm to table concept, grab an aragula seed bomb from the gumball machine by the wheel barrow on your way out and try getting down and dirty with it at home. I actually grow lettuce at home because it does really well with hardly any looking after and watching it thrive fills me with false pride. Ahh, another symptom of perfect LA climates.

Something else to look forward to? There are a couple of tasty salads available for those of us feeling the lighter menu during this indian summer. Also the brunch menu will be available Jan 1 and it looks like a high falootin good time to me. I'll be back way before then for a hot dog in a pretzel bun because who doesn't love pretzel bread? Silverton plans to open 'Short Cake' bakery next just around the corner from Short Order. For now, the bread at Short Order is delivered from the La Brea Bakery, where Silverton is head baker and where she has done wonders re-popularizing sourdough and artisan breads in LA.