It's common knowledge that surviving the summer in New York means escaping the city heat and making your weekend pilgrimage to the Hamptons. If you are looking for some trendy turf to turnover, the newly opened Montauk Beach House really brought the talk to Montauk.
Chris Jones, co-owner of Sole East, and partner Larry Siedlick debuted the highly anticipated 33-bedroom hotel in early July after buying the iconic (yet somewhat rundown) Ronjo Hotel with its infamous tikki god statue. The duo decided to renovate one of the oldest surf motels on the east end, and the modern digs is now the Montauk Beach House. The tikki god still stands, but in less of its kitschy splendor, since a fresh coat of gold paint feels more nightclubby than hawaiian hula.
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With a half-acre of outdoor lawns and member's only "private beach club" boasting 2 pools, 120 day beds, and a constant rotation of DJ's, this beach house party don't stop. 
The rooms are shabby chic with vintage furniture and hints of industrial edginess. The bathroom door slides open and shut on a pulley system from the 30's and Edison bulbs wreak of chic with their fragile filaments.

Rooms range from $300 to some over $700 a night, with private balconies, or 200 square foot private patios. If you are hoping to get to bed before the clubs close, avoid taking a room directly around the pool. For the opening night party, Paul Okenfold graced the grounds and brought some of his signature good times to this once sleepy fishing town.
Remind yourself of the emphasis on beach house, so you won't be disappointed when the rooms aren't fully equipped with mini bars, closet space or telephones to call for room service. Honestly, you have been dragging sand into every establishment all weekend, what exactly did you expect? We just can't bring you anywhere! 

If you get hungry, "Turf" at Ditch Plains Beach is around the bend, and there's a hunk with a beautiful vintage air stream in the parking lot who serves premium lobster rolls to surfers all day long. Sort of sheds a whole new light on the phrase "Surf and Turf", doesn't it?
Speaking of vintage, here is a postcard of the pool at the Ronjo Motel in its heyday. 
Now fast forward to 2012 where guests can unwind with yoga sessions in the morning and specialty cocktails as they soak up the sun in the afternoon. Whether the locals like it or not, the Montauk brand has exploded in popularity and the Montauk Beach House has popped up just in time to accommodate the May-September influx of the young and the swanky.  
The Montauk Beach House
55 South Elmwood Ave
Montauk, NY 11954
 Phone: (631)668-2112
I've discovered Just One Eye. The ultimately curated retail space. My friend who described it to me said, "think of it like Colette comes to LA, or Maxfield with Murakami's everywhere". Well, this promised land happens to be one block from my house, so now I know I'm screwed.
Sure, this uber high-end, Rothschild-financed venture in Howard Hughe's old office is by appointment only, but that won't deter me. I've already made friends with one of the genius curators responsible for this mess I'm in. With one-of-a-kind collaborations, an insane art collection and a showcase of innovative objects each hand-selected for quality and artistry, I'll need a chaperone or even a nanny to accompany me next time to wipe the drool from my chin. 

For now, a room full of Rodarte and a corner draped in Proenza Schouler PS11 bags seem to be drawing me back quicker than the moon can pull the tides. Aren't we helpless against such forces? 

Just One Eye's philosophy is to create an open and ongoing space for the curation of fashion, art, jewelry, antiques, and exquisite furniture and design pieces. Last night, the DR Romanelli x Bamford x Popeye & Beetle Bailey Watches collaboration launched, and a hip group of dependable Angelenos showed up to celebrate, unchaperoned. 
Just One Eye 
7000 Romaine St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90038
The "Juste un Clou" collection finally hits stores tomorrow on Friday the 13th and these ingenious pieces will be available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, and as always, with or without diamonds. This gorgeous design from the 1970's has been re-introduced and the name really says it all. "Juste un Clou" is French for "Just a Nail" and plays on the raw functionality of wrapping a nail into a spiral around your wrist. 
I inquired last month about the pricing and was told that the values would not be announced until the day before the pieces were available for retail purchase. I added my name to the wait list like everyone else and received the call today, as promised. 

Here is what I discovered. This 1971 Aldo Cipullo design embodies the spirit of the Maison Cartier, and the bracelet is offered in traditional and extra large. The traditional size is $6,250 USD without diamonds. The bracelet with diamonds has a total of 28 white cut diamonds equaling 0.71 karats in pave diamonds that are all along the head of the nail and on the point of the nail. The bracelets also have an ingeniously discreet catch and release clasp so the design is as functional as it is beautiful.  

The picture below is of the chunky extra large bracelet in stunning 18KT yellow gold and costs $34,650 USD and weighs 96.36 grams. Right now it is available in sizes 16 and 17cm but these are oversized and it is recommended to go one size smaller than you would for say, "The Love" bracelet. 

Rings are available in the "Juste un Clou" design also. The rose gold is $2,175 USD and with diamonds it is $3,650 USD. For those of us in need of something new to lust over, it looks like Cartier has really hit the nail on the head.  
Gotta love NET-A-PORTER.COM for consistently having the most coveted pieces in dreamy shoes and wardrobe. And now this video comes along and leaves you gasping for more as it sweeps you off your feet. 

I am actually jealous of this lucky girl walking across a dizzyingly high tight rope in exquisitely high heels. These spectacular shoes are even more thrilling than walking the line. The truth is, this clip is likely to stop you dead in your tracks with it's exciting showcase of Reed Krakoff wedges, Chloe sling backs and Brian Atwood stilettos. 

Ahh, to live dangerously in high end heels. 
Prada's 50's inspired, tail light heels have been getting lots of attention for being unexpectedly tacky and over the top. The high fashion house has turned this season's summertime wedges, pumps and sandals into a look that will rewind it back to the racy designs of old school hot rods and vintage cruisers. Decked out with chrome and flames, those of us who like to see top designers take risks and have some fun with their collections might want to park our sexy gams in a pair of these Cadillac colored, head-turning Pradas.

Whether your delighted by the playfulness and fantasy of the shoes, or just in awe of the blatant kitschy designs, Miuccia Prada has turned up the heat with these bad boys and is fanning the iconic fashion house's creative flames. Looks like the devil still wears Prada. 
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_Loved for it's bold prints and breezy feel, Marni collections have an aesthetic appeal that is simply impossible to ignore. And now that the effortlessly modern Marni look will be available in H&M stores this March, certain pieces from the affordable collection may also be impossible to resist.

Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Sofia Coppola directed this perfectly idyllic, bohemian vacation clip for the commercial for Marni at H&M.

Set in Marrakash, Morocco to Bryan Ferry’s “Avalon,” as the beautiful Imogen Poots floats through whimsically in gorgeous clothing, Coppola transports you to a place where the feel of sunshine lingers even after the commercial has passed you by. 
_Today, Karl Lagerfeld has launched his first internet-only collection and it is being offered exclusively by Net-a-Porter for one month (before Lagerfeld-branded sites offer it). The collection is called Karl, presumably because Lagerfeld is the brand of icon for whom no introduction is required. Not only is he head designer and creative director for Chanel, but he owns the Fendi fashion house, as well as his own Karl Lagerfeld brand.

Lagerfeld has expressed some fears of tainting his image by working with anything other than haute-couture brands, but in November 2004, Lagerfeld clothes were sold in H&M stores for both women and men, and everything sold out after only two days.

So you may want to browse the Karl collection before it's too late!
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LA Vintage store, 'The Way We Wore' on La Brea is having their bi-annual winter sale with 50% off everything on the first floor (other than display cases) and it starts today. Store owner Doris Raymond has been traveling the world collecting fabulous vintage pieces for 'The Way We wore' customers for more than 30 years. With the Golden Globe, red carpet frenzy behind her, you might be lucky enough to catch her during the first few weeks of the sale in her gorgeous boutique on La Brea. Unless, of course, she's busy at a private fitting with the fabulously chic burlesque star Dita Von Teese, or pulling items for the dazzlingly statuesque Angelina Jolie. 

Whether it's lace from the Edwardian period, sailor outfits from the 40's, waist cinching, halter dresses and cat eye sunglasses from the 50's, or 70's metallic disco wear and Versace minis from the 80s, there's something profoundly special to be found here. Designers from Balenciaga and other high end fashion houses come to the boutique for inspiration and to add personal touches to their wardrobes. Clearly, so should we.
Yep, you guessed it, Judith Lieber clutches.
Adorable dresses.

Here's an inside look at the costume jewelry pieces I scored and what I paid for them.
2 headed lion, a la Cartier collection, sexy and on sale for $45.
This rhinestone bib with pearls is a girl's best friend. Probably explains why I am wearing this now with no intention of taking it off until bedtime. Marilyn Monroe and Prince would most likely agree that I have the right idea here. At half off, I paid $110 for this web of rhinestones and pearls. My future daughter can thank me later. And these charming earrings below are made from Roederer Estate champagne bottle caps and were under $30.
Two black bangles, one with pearl and the other with rhinestones. $70 for both.
This vintage snake necklace is still provocative today, and I like that the snake head can be adjusted to fit at any height. It lays on the collar bone or wraps around the neck. It's alluring and snake jewelry always gives a hint of mystique to an outfit. The chain is lightweight and comfortable and has that chunky, rock n roll vibe. Also $45.
This multi-chain with green stones is another score. Again, $45 and not for plastic beads, but heavy green stones with marbled veins and real character.

And finally my splurge, this 50's wrap. I paid $300 for this black taffeta and velvet, intricately beaded shawl that dresses up any outfit. I love that it has narrow shoulders to fit my smaller frame. It is incredibly detailed and magnificent with it's feminine sleeves and asymmetrical pieces. Here is the front.
And the back.
I could spend an eternity in here, (and too much of my savings!) browsing through the racks and admiring each item. The sale is happening through Feb. 12, so try and head over there soon! Even if you're not going to buy, this is a fun place to window shop. There's a sale bin full of jewelry, and with each item priced at $27.50 I'm not sure who could resist! It's where I snagged the champagne earrings!

As I shopped, someone on Calvin Klein's fashion team came in and picked up 5 pairs of vintage shoes as inspiration for his next collection. And with the Grammy's coming up, Doris' clients will be coming in for that coveted, Hollywood glamor look from the 1950's.

No reason we shouldn't share in the glamor with some red lips, and a bauble or trinket from 'The Way We Wore' of our own.
Jalouse has made this charming and funny short film to promote their fashion magazine. "A Girl Like the Others" chronicles the sexy pitch idea of a hip, British guy depicting a flirty, day-in-the-life of a young, stylishly coquette French girl. Check out the playfully swanky film here.
There are no words. The winning bidder at the Dallas Heritage Auction House has chosen to remain anonymous, perhaps the only wise choice she made that day! I understand the bag is exclusive...very rare... red alligator...encrusted with diamonds... I'll spare you the dizzying details.
Here it is. What do you think of the record breaking sale?