The "Juste un Clou" collection finally hits stores tomorrow on Friday the 13th and these ingenious pieces will be available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, and as always, with or without diamonds. This gorgeous design from the 1970's has been re-introduced and the name really says it all. "Juste un Clou" is French for "Just a Nail" and plays on the raw functionality of wrapping a nail into a spiral around your wrist. 
I inquired last month about the pricing and was told that the values would not be announced until the day before the pieces were available for retail purchase. I added my name to the wait list like everyone else and received the call today, as promised. 

Here is what I discovered. This 1971 Aldo Cipullo design embodies the spirit of the Maison Cartier, and the bracelet is offered in traditional and extra large. The traditional size is $6,250 USD without diamonds. The bracelet with diamonds has a total of 28 white cut diamonds equaling 0.71 karats in pave diamonds that are all along the head of the nail and on the point of the nail. The bracelets also have an ingeniously discreet catch and release clasp so the design is as functional as it is beautiful.  

The picture below is of the chunky extra large bracelet in stunning 18KT yellow gold and costs $34,650 USD and weighs 96.36 grams. Right now it is available in sizes 16 and 17cm but these are oversized and it is recommended to go one size smaller than you would for say, "The Love" bracelet. 

Rings are available in the "Juste un Clou" design also. The rose gold is $2,175 USD and with diamonds it is $3,650 USD. For those of us in need of something new to lust over, it looks like Cartier has really hit the nail on the head.  
Gotta love NET-A-PORTER.COM for consistently having the most coveted pieces in dreamy shoes and wardrobe. And now this video comes along and leaves you gasping for more as it sweeps you off your feet. 

I am actually jealous of this lucky girl walking across a dizzyingly high tight rope in exquisitely high heels. These spectacular shoes are even more thrilling than walking the line. The truth is, this clip is likely to stop you dead in your tracks with it's exciting showcase of Reed Krakoff wedges, Chloe sling backs and Brian Atwood stilettos. 

Ahh, to live dangerously in high end heels.