If you're a fan of The Strokes or Ramones, it's about time you heard The Vaccines. This British rock band formed in London in 2010 and have already toured and opened for seriously awesome bands like The Walkmen, Arctic Monkeys, and Arcade Fire. 

Their second studio album, The Vaccines Come of Age, will be out Sept 4, but in the meantime they have released this romantic, black and white music video for their single "No Hope". The song talks about the difficulties of coming of age, with a very hot Justin Young singing funny lyrics like, "I know I am so self-obsessed" and "I don't really care about anybody else when I haven't got my own life figured out" to a totally boppy melody. 
"If You Wanna" is from their 2011 debut album titled, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? and is one of their most popular songs to date.
"Tiger Blood" is one of those rad songs with a big sound, and the band released this music video with a special surprise at the 1:37 mark. 
The Vaccines are playing an intimate show in Los Angeles at the Troubador on Sept 13th. This is amazing news for anyone keen on The Vaccines !!

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West Hollywood, CA 90069
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Metric released their 5th album "Synthetica" last week and as always, the highlight is Emily Haine's breathy vocals. I might be getting tired of the same tight, digital beats but I do like the sugary synths and I certainly have found a couple songs I like on the new album. 

"Dreams So Real" achieves that whirring, subtle build up, and the lyrics are especially cool, too.
"Lost Kitten" has Haines singing in a high falsetto and opens with her coyly singing :

"Don't say yes if you can't say no
victim of the system, say it isn't so" 

and other funny, semi sarcastic lyrics like:

"Tell me one thing you would never do 
I was looking for a hooker when I found you" 
There are 11 tracks on the album, and Lou Reed appears on the track titled, "Wanderlust". It just happens to be a not-so-compelling combination, and the song is over produced. But Metric has a lot of really solid songs in their repertoire, ("Gimme Sympathy" and "Gold Gun Girls") and these 2 are definitely going to be a good addition to their live shows. Metric is coming to the Greek on October 9th!
Swedish singer/songwriter Jonna Lee has had lots of fun playing the mystery games surrounding her project and it's all paying off. 

In 2009 she forwarded her music from an anonymous email account to music journalists and blogs everywhere. With the name iamamiwhoami and visually distorted videos of herself, the project had tons of people guessing her identity. She was speculated to be Lady Gaga, Goldfrapp, Bjork, Trent Reznor and Christina Aguilera. Soon, fans guessed who she was. 

To keep us guessing and maintain her secret garden, Jonna has been releasing videos with mysterious names and codes. With the posting of the video "kin 20120611," it became clear that the name stood for the date June 11, 2012. Co-Operative Music Italy confirmed this when they tweeted that her first audio-visual album, Kin, would release on that day. That day has arrived, and the 9-track electronic album is living up to it's praise. 

The Swedish Grammis named the project "Best Innovator of the Year" and BBC Radio named it "Best Tease of the Past 12 Months". Iamamiwhoami beat out Lana Del Ray for that title. And now MTV O Music Awards has nominated it for "Digital Genius". 

Here is my favorite track and video from the album Kin, called "Goods". And her dance moves are pretty great. 
Another awesome track for you, "Kill"
Welcome to the secret world of iamamiwhoami. 
image via mtv.com
Passion Pit won a thousand hearts in 2008 with the hit song, "Sleepyhead" and the name, well, Passion Pit. Of course, the pretty little fact that it all began as a one-man project by Michael Angelakos who wanted to produce a Valentine's Day gift for his girlfriend doesn't hurt either.
Le sigh.  

With the release of their newest single, "Take a Walk" last month in promotion of their new album, "Gossamer" (set to release July 24) followed by yesterday's leak of the track "I'll Be Alright" there is some serious effing excitement boiling up from under electro-pop fan's lids of anticipation. 
See for yourself what all the hoopla is about. 

Here is the expansive, synth heavy single, "Take a Walk".

And be sure to CHECK OUT the super awesome, rapid-fire leak of "I'll be Alright"

Sorry for the not-so-perfect sound quality.
Can't wait to hear what the rest of the album has to offer! 
And for the show they will play with Hot Chip at the Hollywood Bowl on September 8! 
Keep the good things coming, guys. 
Whenever he parts his lips, K'naan has something real to share. Whether it be in the name of charity and politics, or love and heartbreak, it always seems to come straight from the heart. 

K'naan's music displays his gentle strength, and with his new song he shares his vulnerability. 

Check out the new single "Hurt Me Tomorrow" that he performed last night on Jimmy Kimmel. I love the clown nose he wore during the show, a testament to how some love stories can make the best of us feel foolish every once in a while. 
If you don't know it, the song "Take a Minute" is a favorite of mine from the older album. The lyrics are insightful and poetic and encourage us to appreciate and spread the good in our lives, amidst the imperfections.

The new album is scheduled to be out this summer and will no doubt be something substantial. K'naan has a collaboration in the works with "Foster the People" as well as songs obviously influenced by Bob Dylan's legendary croon. 

A fitting comparison for a poetic songwriter and musician looking to inspire peace in the world.