Swedish singer/songwriter Jonna Lee has had lots of fun playing the mystery games surrounding her project and it's all paying off. 

In 2009 she forwarded her music from an anonymous email account to music journalists and blogs everywhere. With the name iamamiwhoami and visually distorted videos of herself, the project had tons of people guessing her identity. She was speculated to be Lady Gaga, Goldfrapp, Bjork, Trent Reznor and Christina Aguilera. Soon, fans guessed who she was. 

To keep us guessing and maintain her secret garden, Jonna has been releasing videos with mysterious names and codes. With the posting of the video "kin 20120611," it became clear that the name stood for the date June 11, 2012. Co-Operative Music Italy confirmed this when they tweeted that her first audio-visual album, Kin, would release on that day. That day has arrived, and the 9-track electronic album is living up to it's praise. 

The Swedish Grammis named the project "Best Innovator of the Year" and BBC Radio named it "Best Tease of the Past 12 Months". Iamamiwhoami beat out Lana Del Ray for that title. And now MTV O Music Awards has nominated it for "Digital Genius". 

Here is my favorite track and video from the album Kin, called "Goods". And her dance moves are pretty great. 
Another awesome track for you, "Kill"
Welcome to the secret world of iamamiwhoami. 
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I want to raid your library of music!! Ur blog is awesome!


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