_Another awesome, gloom-pop, girl duo has arrived with a debut album on the horizon. I'm already a fan of boy/ girl duo 'Big Deal', which I covered here back in November, and as luck would have it, 2:54 is scheduled to play an LA show with them this March. Hannah and Colette Thurlow are grunge babes who live in leather biker jackets and play crushing guitars.

Five songs have been released so far, with the title track from the forthcoming album, 'Scarlet' accompanied by a strange and sombre video. They worked with producer Rob Ellis and Nine Inch Nail's mixer Alan Moulder to create this dark and moody melody that just creeps up on you before you know it.

Another great song, 'Cold Front' has an upbeat sound at the base, with beautiful guitar riffs and a heavy drum, but is then followed by the girl's seductively languid and melodic choruses, sung over a fuzzy low-fi noise, where the sound fades in and out and sways back and forth. Check it out!
2:54 are playing a show at the Echo on March 20 and I can't wait to see them live. Get your tickets via TicketWeb to see them play their LA debut.