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Passion Pit won a thousand hearts in 2008 with the hit song, "Sleepyhead" and the name, well, Passion Pit. Of course, the pretty little fact that it all began as a one-man project by Michael Angelakos who wanted to produce a Valentine's Day gift for his girlfriend doesn't hurt either.
Le sigh.  

With the release of their newest single, "Take a Walk" last month in promotion of their new album, "Gossamer" (set to release July 24) followed by yesterday's leak of the track "I'll Be Alright" there is some serious effing excitement boiling up from under electro-pop fan's lids of anticipation. 
See for yourself what all the hoopla is about. 

Here is the expansive, synth heavy single, "Take a Walk".

And be sure to CHECK OUT the super awesome, rapid-fire leak of "I'll be Alright"

Sorry for the not-so-perfect sound quality.
Can't wait to hear what the rest of the album has to offer! 
And for the show they will play with Hot Chip at the Hollywood Bowl on September 8! 
Keep the good things coming, guys. 
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Their debut album 'Eat Their Own' was never intended for commercial release. Recorded with Vincent Cacchione's home recording equipment, this Brooklyn band experimented with beats and sounds in their downtime. Cacchione, who wrote the music, was dealing with some pretty heavy personal shit at the time, and used these sessions to work through his complicated emotions.

Probably because of this, the album sounds unfinished as a whole. But the song 'Piles of $$$' has a dope R&B influence, and takes these cats out of their cage and onto my radar.
The first track on their album, 'Teenagers in a Heat' is a sexy little ballad about feeling nostalgic for those blissful teenage love affairs.
This next video will give you an idea of their range. 'Teflon Heart' is more of a pop song and you can watch them perform it live at this intimate NY venue.