With what Pitchfork has called the "much anticipated release" of I Love You, It's Cool last month, it's no surprise that I was pretty stoked to check out psychedelic, synth-pop band 'Bear in Heaven' play the Echo on Thursday night. 

Bear in Heaven's Beast Rest Forth Mouth garnered a lot of attention a couple years back and now it seems the pulse of a generation thumps in the new tracks. The album captures that feeling we know all too well of being eager only to later find ourselves underwhelmed. 

They combine New Wave elements of pop and complexity of sound into tracks that are actually a pretty slow burn. Listening to I Love You, It's Cool, you feel the songs fill the space around you before they reach you directly. Slow burn or not, seeing them play at the Echo was hot. True to their Brooklyn roots, the band put on a fun show and brought in a hip crowd.  

Frontman Jon Philpot was just the right amount of quirky meets enthusiastic, and his moves and eccentric dancing made his lyrics feel that much more genuine. He definitely adds an endearing vulnerability to the stage while maintaining high energy.
image via pitchfork.com
Here is a dancey track from the new album that I like. 
And here is the song that made me fall for Bear in Heaven in the first place. 
So glad I got to see these Brooklynites live and in an intimate setting. Love the mix they bring of disco, synth and rock. Thanks for a super fun LA show Bear in Heaven.