I've been intrigued by Sleigh Bells ever since I first heard their name, Sleigh bells. The soft jingle of a sleigh with bells, or the piercing noise of bells slaying your eardrums? I think they know how to do both, which is what makes them so rad.
Sleigh Bells have a new album due out on Valentine's Day. "Born to Lose" leaked a few days ago and it has some of the noise from "Infinity Guitars" and some of the melody of "Rill Rill" (For more on these songs from their 2010 album "Treats" see below the clip.) The band's publicist said that the new album "is the sonic equivalent of a beautiful shotgun to the head." Check ittt.
In 2010 the song "Rill Rill" could be heard playing in almost every car crossing the Brooklyn bridge and on everybody's Coachella '10 drive mix from Silver Lake to Palm Dessert.

Alexis Krauss has the kind of kick-ass confidence that makes you want to ditch class and take names, and I wanted a piece of it. From the opening lines that swell you with mean girl pride:

"We are the river flow
And you can never know
You're just a weatherman
We make the wind blow"

to the nostalgic memories of school, like wanting to feel good about your braces or cutting up drugs in the bathroom, there was something in it for everyone.

The video turned out to be everything I wanted it to be, the perfect amount of sentimentality,  escapism and rebel without a cause type of shit we always hunger for. On the real, who doesn't cherish the sight of high school lockers and sharpened #2 pencils?
"Infinity Guitars" also from 2010 album "Treats" is a hot mess of noise and bells and school yard whistles. Accompanied by another awesome video.