Honestly, 'Undun' is a musical and lyrical work of genius. It's thoughtful and intelligent. A concept album that deals with deep philosophical and existential issues, and riddled with so many musical references and literary allusions that my ears perk up.

It's pretty sweet when rappers draw from a larger cultural vocabulary and are able to make that connection with listeners. One of my favorite songs "Make My" is a great example.

Gotta love this line that recognizes C.R.E.A.M by Wu-Tang:

"They hollerin' cash rules everything
just call it cream, cause when it rises to the top
you get the finer things"

And the obvious "Fade to Black" Metallica reference or the Led Zeppelin tribute in the final line:

                                            "If there's a heaven, I can't find the stairway"
Here it is with the lyrics for you:
There's a slight chance that you haven't heard some of these songs, so here are a couple.

'Sleep' is another one of my favorites and lyrically beautiful. The first line alone references Alfred Hitchcock's 'To Catch a Thief'. Check ittt.
And before 'Undun' came the soulful 'How I Got Over'
One more, and it's all about grabbing that fresh, new day.