Jay-Z and Kanye have been sending fans into wild stupors of hip-hop induced frenzies, bringing about highly contagious rhythmic head shaking, shoulder popping and infectious gangsta lean foot work.

Playing another show at Staples tonight, it looks like another flock of lucky ducks will migrate downtown tonight to fly their hands in the sky for the concert experience of a lifetime.

Expect video screen cubes playing visuals of bloodthirsty dogs and sharks to levitate this pair of Rap Royalty midway above the arena, and take in the intricate show of lasers and fireballs that bounce off of every wall. HOVA!

Check out this live footage of Jay Z and Kanye performing 'Otis' from opening night in ATL and throw up the ROC, or hold up your celly, it's all good either way, nahmean?

And for those of you who didn't get to see Ghost Face Killah's hilarious review of Jay Z and Kanye's album, Watch the Throne, you should really check out this link, nahmsayin?