image via illbehavior.com
_This song accompanied Day 3 of Vogue's Paris Fashion Week Journal and the French accents combined with the wistful tune instantly had my attention. It made me yearn to blow the dust off of forgotten memories and take quelques minutes to reminisce. I suddenly craved grey skies, and a sexy pair of stilettos. Not sure what to call the power this song has over me, but it's a washed out, electro- indie track that is trés, trés cool.

Jean-Marc Battalier, Guilhem Hatt, and Gaelle Malandrone make up We Are Knights and they are performing a private show tonight at Carmen in Paris for Vivienne Westwood's after-show for those lucky enough to attend.

The song I love, 'Turn Around You' is available for you to obsess over on their Facebook Bandpage

And here is another one of their tunes featured on the ultra hip Parisian label Kitsune's Mixtapes.