Whenever he parts his lips, K'naan has something real to share. Whether it be in the name of charity and politics, or love and heartbreak, it always seems to come straight from the heart. 

K'naan's music displays his gentle strength, and with his new song he shares his vulnerability. 

Check out the new single "Hurt Me Tomorrow" that he performed last night on Jimmy Kimmel. I love the clown nose he wore during the show, a testament to how some love stories can make the best of us feel foolish every once in a while. 
If you don't know it, the song "Take a Minute" is a favorite of mine from the older album. The lyrics are insightful and poetic and encourage us to appreciate and spread the good in our lives, amidst the imperfections.

The new album is scheduled to be out this summer and will no doubt be something substantial. K'naan has a collaboration in the works with "Foster the People" as well as songs obviously influenced by Bob Dylan's legendary croon. 

A fitting comparison for a poetic songwriter and musician looking to inspire peace in the world. 
6/9/2012 08:40:54

Love his new hit song!

6/10/2012 02:35:38

he is a modern day Marley

8/10/2012 19:23:24

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